A Little About Myself

I’m currently a second year midwifery student working and studying in London. I am the eldest child of four and hadn’t really been exposed to the life of pregnancy and birth until the youngest of my siblings were born. It took me two years after the birth of my youngest sibling to realise that this was something that I wanted to do. I was in college studying English Literature, Fine Art and Media Studies when I realised that although these were things that I loved I couldn’t see myself in a career doing any of them. When I got onto the Midwifery programme I felt amazing as thousands of people apply and only a very select few – between 60-80 actually get onto the course – I never imagined for a second that I may be successful.

Although I was very interested in pregnancy and birth, I had never seen a birth in real life and so on becoming a student midwife I was very inexperienced. I worked in a local pharmacy and then as a carer while I was studying to get onto the midwifery programme – these helped me to develop my communicative and interpersonal skills. On my course there are a great number of women who feel as passionate about being an advocate of women as I do – some already mothers and becoming midwives because of traumatic experiences, others because they loved there midwifes and wanted to do what they do, however there are skill a few like me – fresh out of college, in there eighteens with no children, no experience just a pure calling.

I’m now twenty-one, I’ve delivered twelve babies – seven baby girls and five baby boys, my first delivery was amazing, I mean they’ve all been amazing but my first is one that I shall never forget. It was a waterbirth and the woman was so beautiful, amazing and strong – with this delivery I realised women are powerful and that childbirth can be great fun for women – it’s only painful if you think it is. I have seen a great many things in my two years thus far, some great, some hard – it’s not an easy path for many but it is an amazing journey and so far being able to write it all down keeps me strong and allows me to remember the good stuff. It is impossible to remember everything and so for me this is a diary a way to remember – my writing skills aren’t amazing and I do apologise, if you do find yourself reading this I hope you enjoy my journey so far, feel free to message me.